$VXRT Don’t Stop Believin’ 29 The secret warehouse deals in Wisconsin have been bugging me. I’ve been trying to get info but there isn’t much. The first two links that come up is are articles by the Green Bay Press-Gazette. To make Bud Fox proud, I tried to subscribe just to get that one article, but it turns out you have to already subscribe to their newspaper. However, I did find a massive 150-acre warehouse project was approved last month by the town of Lawrence, Wisconsin, less than an hour from Lodi and Madison. Residents are concerned because in the past these massive warehouses turned out to be Amazon. The new facility will be open 24/7 with hundreds of employees and trucks pulling in and out at all hours. And this is in a small neighborhood community. I pulled up a list of all the biotech companies in Wisconsin. There are 100+, with about half from the Madison area (30 minutes from Attwill). biopharmguy.com/links/state...