$MVIS @Dicky_Bigtop Welcome! You have activated the MicroVision Bear Alert: 480 patents, trade secrets, IP, placement in the most successful AR device to date, IoT transformational tech at an inflection and best in class LiDar. microvision.gcs-web.com/sta... HoloLens2 Disassembled by @s2upid: youtube.com/watch?v=OmiQvjQ... HoloLens2 on the TED stage with Alex Kipman: youtube.com/watch?v=1cQbMP3... Addition of Dr. Spitzer to Board of Directors, who has patent, DARPA, and Google X experience: finance.yahoo.com/news/micr... Shareholder meeting transcript announcing Sale of Company as likely objective: m.marketscreener.com/MICROV... Here is a diagram displaying the various companies who would benefit from acquiring all or a portion of MicroVision IP. i.imgur.com/rl4AdS0.jpg MicroVision owns patents through 2038. Microsoft will pay royalties to whoever buys $MVIS out if they don’t themselves. MVIS just completed a 10 day stretch above $1 for a NASDAQ compliance requirement. The only way to win is to not sell.
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