$NLST Not listed on Robinhood... Potential settlement from Google... Below $1... You have my attention. But just so we’re clear - all my profits go straight to $MVIS. Same goes for you $EMAN.
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@CDE1957 Sold 5742 $MVIS shares. Bought 10,000 $EMAN. DOD Announced $33.6 Million Defense Production Act Title III Agreement with eMagin Corporation. Official PR next week will send EMAN Flying. They are now “Essential for National Defense.” Tensions between the US and China have positioned the “sole domestic supplier” of micro OLED tech in North America in a DPA Title III. If this hits $3, I’ll already have $30,000. If it manages to hit $10 next week in some ridiculous race to the top, I’ll have $100K available to throw at MicroVision. Even if MVIS reaches $3 next week, I could buy 33K shares with the total of EMAN at $10 pps. I could potentially turn 5742 shares into 16K shares. 30K shares or more. Surprise Merger Monday? my over 95K shares would provide me with cash to transfer over to EMAN. I could buy well over 100K shares of EMAN and ride the DPA wave of “Essential for National Security.” 7 trading days until MicroVision’s Earnings. Checkmate.