$MVIS my fellow people. I invite you to a better hologram stock. The ticker symbol is $WIMI. This baby was at its lowest dip, and now it’s starting the engine to soar once again. This company itself is pretty decent (unlike your micro vision). I’m here to let you know this lovely info so that you can all make some money that you lost in this garbage. Cheers!🤙
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@Georgetherat1 $WIMI is software. $MVIS is augmented reality hardware that makes it all possible. Special meeting to approve 60 million shares for a minority investor to buy if needed - at a premium - was a success. And just this week STM announced a Microelectronic Mechanical System (MEMS) alliance among manufacturers (consortium) to advance AR tech. MicroVision made the MEMS within Microsoft’s HoloLens2. Non-Executive Employees awarded 1.2 Million Restricted Stock Units in 2020: reddit.com/r/MVIS/comments/... New $MVIS PR + PATENT EASTER EGGS: youtube.com/watch?v=OvHN_by... youtube.com/watch?v=XwiI1-r... MicroVision CEO says interest strong from Auto, AR space: Merger Market reports i.redd.it/o4eifh3pknf51.jpg Addition of Dr. Spitzer to BoD, with DARPA and Google X experience: finance.yahoo.com/news/micr... HoloLens2 Reveals MVIS inside: youtube.com/watch?v=OmiQvjQ... r/MVIS DD essential threads: old.reddit.com/r/MVIS/comme... Transcript announcing Sale of Company as objective: m.marketscreener.com/quote/...
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