$AMC A new Gann square was created this morning - right as price collided with the bottom of the previous fibonacci fan system. It bounced off the very bottom of the system and the “run” that followed was price leaving the newly formed Gann square. Now I see today’s price action moving throughout a brand new fibonacci fan - which will most likely push us up and back into the primary fan. They have been working hard to keep it as low as possible without losing a grip on the system ‘they’ will ride back up with their long positions.
@UncleDeath @STKFKR @Mustardcrust There is a wedge system - the price was driven out of it to the bottom of a Gann square line. New fan this morning to push price back into yellow wedge. Yellow wedge will shoot price back into main fan. It’s insanity.
@UncleDeath @STKFKR @Mustardcrust Red line is the bottom of the main fan. Even NAKD bounced off that and went for a run. AMC broke through because people like me could use these price range systems to determine where to set a stop loss and what I’m saying is yesterday and today have been brutal stop loss raids in a price range that the stock shouldn’t be in if it weren’t heavily suppressed. Typically these fans are adhered to. It’s a group effort. The price is set with these systems for the big boys to coordinate. Being here and seeing a wedge formed, while dancing around and under it is insane. They are trying to hide when the true reversal will be confirmed.
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