$ASTS Market was way overdue for a correction. Was propped up by the sham Covid money. So now it had 2 more years to bloat, and what you are now seeing is that basically..... It's collapsing. Way overvalued companies are coming back to earth, and shit spacs are getting beaten to death. Nobody wanted satellite images, for fucks sake 🤣. How many electric vehicle companies can be sustained at once? Definitely not any of these new ones, because literally every already established auto manufacturer makes EV's anyways. AI based whatever? Nobody cares yet, and the chips aren't there. Orgin Materials may end up being ok, but keep in mind that they still gotta build factories to get going. That takes time. And a ton of money. So it'll be a bit for them to get rolling. Gotta think smart about shit! What does EVERYONE use? A FUCKING CELL PHONE WITH INTERNET!!!! The market may be getting destroyed, but as far as Spacemobile is concerned, the tech is world changing and needed. A recipe for $$$$