$CLEU sorry for being ignorant here, but I don't understand. We are holding our shares and we have the float purchased (we collectively, I only have 1100)...if the mm's are using synthetic shares to drive the price down...at what point do they have to cover?? I'm not posting to be bearish at all, I think this has tremendous upside. I'm genuinely trying to understand how we can own the float and the mm's can suppress this constantly with fake/synthetic (whatever term you use) shares.... Anyone that could help me understand this concept, I would be appreciative. I'm apparently not smart enough to understand this on my own 不不不
@Suck_at_this fortunately we have vestorinvest who is an extraordinary person and give their knowledge freely. Hopefully they can help us when they have time
@aNobletrade @Suck_at_this Ok guys her it goes. Quick 101 on market mechanics, if something is unclear ask away. 1. When you buy up the entire free float that is available to the public what happens? to the wheels stop turning? Does the ticker stop trading absolutely not. 2. What happens is we have someone that is called a market maker, that is on standby to always buy, and always sell. The problem is... When they have no shares they fill the buy orders with what is called a Naked Short - A synthetic share that at the moment of the trade does not exist. You as a buyer get a share...although the market maker no needs to find one from sellers that hold one. 3. This is perfectly legal. As per the SEC. read this..