$ACTG According to the article, the new Woodford Fund is valued at approximately $ 450 million. ONT accounts for approximately $ 200 million of this. The amazing thing is that Viamet is about $ 80 million of this !!! So far Viamet is rated ZERO in the ACTG books as of Q4 2020. There is therefore considerable potential for appreciation in the book value of the ACTG share (see also comments by "musmak"). The book value of ACTG shares of $ 5.94 needs to be adjusted by at least $ 3 to new $ 9 due to the revaluations of ONT, IMCR and Viamet. I don't even dare to speak of AMO Pharma. That is a completely different dimension. In the Q1 2021 conference call, about 3 weeks from now, there is, in my opinion, also a considerable need for explanation in relation to the collaboration with Neil Woodford. investmentweek.co.uk/news/4...