$RCL Country is divided congress can't pass bill Draft will go to number 4 now. Now bill will be called Trump bill. That T in a Trillion stands for trump and guess what it ain't happening without price. Just like Affordable Care act was called as Obama care that was step up to fail. Fact: people soon with not be able to make payments, Business are closing that pays huge in tax's. reality and headline news will be negative. Domino affect will be triggered. So If bill is pass it will get more then 3 week or more to get in check on peoples hand. Listen to what Mark Cuben said on cnbc they people and business need money now not after 3 week. Please give me break this is a regular recession that will be corrected quickly. Someone got jokes. (only enemy for RCL going down is not bulls its uneducated bear who are shorting without strategy)
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