$IBIO I find it bizarre how many investors here expecting a rocket with in at night crazy crazy - jep delay is painfull but everyday life investing in Biotech. I am a danish investor and started my journey investing in Genmab - it took 5-6 years before we saw the good case in the Stock value - today it is worth dkr 2600,- 15 years later.. Can we gueess maybe 2 procent of the group do some DD - the rest just follow and have crazy expectation.. regarding the Genmab case it was the same and therefore we started a little closed group with people interested in the case and not the Stock value - maybe this is the time for IBIO?
$IBIO It's bizarre how much some people love being delayed another 2 months. Before accepting what is written here as truth, let me recap some highlights from this board since 2020: - The Admiral is in charge - 200 was in clinicals in China - Nothing went wrong with 200 - An NDA prevents Isett from updating us - #muzzled (LOL) - Isett could get sued if he makes forward-looking statements - Missiles were positioned to protect iBio from Chinese hackers - Isett needed to dilute when he did, as much as he did - Kilmer is awesome - iBio expansion started on surrounding land - iBio owns the facility - The lawsuit would be settled last year - 400 was almost finished - 100 will be used as a therapeutic to address covid - Dart divested so iBio could qualify for gov’t funding - iBio is on track with projected timelines for 201 *LITERALLY EVERYTHING WAS WRONG*, which I was called a bear (and worse) for pointing out. Do your own dd. I will no longer be posting here. Thank you, and good night.
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