$STAF Placement was done in July 2022 @$5.85 .... Great price to get in now - Warrants are at $18.5 to $38. Great investment opportunity here with this low floater. Below is from the latest Q - report July 2022 Private Placement On July 1, 2022, we entered into a securities purchase agreement with certain institutional and accredited investors for the issuance and sale of a private placement of 657,858 shares of common stock or pre-funded warrants to purchase shares of common stock, and warrants (the “July 2022 Warrants”) to purchase up to 657,858 shares of common stock, with an exercise price of $5.85 per share. The Warrants are exercisable immediately upon issuance and have a term of exercise equal to five and one-half years from the date of issuance. The combined purchase price for one Common Share (or pre-funded warrant) and one associated warrant to purchase one share of common stock was $6.10.