@Penny_Rich_Trader @platinumplayer421 This dude just said I’m in college. Then claims I made a new account. Now says everything I’m saying is nonsense. Clown, your boy was following me for months for a reason. You should have read all comments. Let’s change your profile pic to a donkey now. Until then let’s have you sit down in the corner and shut your mouth. When you think you have something to contribute raise your hand. While doing so why don’t you reach out to Matt and ask him if he plans on sonny’s split after he maxes out shares. Get him to promise you and post the email. Ooo wait he has no problem lying through his teeth. Even with the bill this thing has a much greater chance of dropping with or without the bill. The day Matt announced he would walk away this thing would hit two dollars. He’s just another Jeff over their at NECA!!