$OCGN ....COVAXIN TEACHES THE IMMUNE SYSTEM .................GIVING IT LONGEVITY it HAS a rapid response to MANY VARIANTS including the .617 VARIANT of Covid-19, with the 8th and deadliest variant on its way yesterday, LAMBDA Covaxin PLATFORM has more than 300 million doses supplied LONG TRACK RECORD, safe, w/over 25 million doses of Covaxin Covaxin safest for Children Covaxin has massive sales in the HUNDREDS OF MILLION of doses ordered from India, Vietnam, Iran, and 15 other countries including Canada orders coming soon Covaxin needed world wide yesterday Covaxin easy to transport ..NVAX recently @ $215 per share with a 14 Billion valuation ...is a moth base vaccine with no history, (dangerous) (clinical trials only) and zero count them zero sales