$OCGN... Israel study on Pfizer gene therapy drug shows 32% effectiveness against Delta revised to 39%.. so about 65% of the vaccinated are transmitting Delta.. Fauci says go get another Pfizer proven to not work against Delta .. get back in your mask economictimes.indiatimes.co/... Faci has known since april .. Covaxin clinically proven #1 against Delta with no adverse side effects approved for two year old produce by the #1 traditional vaccine country in the world, India, whose PM chose to be inoculated with Covaxiin.. a traditional vaccine we all were given as babies Sweden has stop Pfizer because of severe adverse side effects .. you need to realize nobody's been vaccinated you took a gene therapy drug (Pfizer) which was a good temporary stop to variant one..but now.variant 7 Delta, 8, 9, and 10 are out Pfizer not working but for about 35% of the vaccinated ..now the traditional vaccine is formulated but you can't have it..150 million jabs proven