Sold my $MP shares today for a sweet +30% return. Good job to those who followed my call. My Next play is $NGA with a minimum price target of +$35. Some of my reasons include: - Merger / Ticker change is coming up within the next ~4 weeks. - Finished the bottom of the W pattern with a similar low - Bounced near the 50MA with a BULLISH ENGFULING pattern - It's an EV company with ACTUAL SALES and not like some others who don't have any with just vehicles that roll down the hill.. (hello $NKLA šŸ‘€) - Huge order from $AMZN with up to 2,500Lion 6 and Lion 8 electric trucks. until 2025. - Amazon also has the option to purchase upwards of 19.98 percent of the company through shares and warrants, if they purchase $1.1 billion worth of products.