$AZFL 6) We Will be using Ethanol for extraction. Heptane and Pentane for THC separation. Heptane is nearly as non-polar as pentane, but it contains a much higher boiling point of 98 degrees celsius. Often times heptane is used for certain types of extractions replacing the more toxic solvent hexane. In extraction tech, heptane can be used to extract the crude oil. Pentane is a highly non-polar, light hydrocarbon solvent, that acutely dissolves THC instead of plant matter. With a boiling point of 36 degrees celsius, this solvent functions well for cannabis applications. 7) AZFL has been working closely with Mexico and established a subsidiary called Magna Leaf to produce Delta 8 and Delta 9. Legislation passed and now permits are being applied for. 8) All of the current CBD business outlines are currently fully legal in the US. When FL goes recreational or the US legalizes like Mexico just did we can produce Delta 8 and Delta 9 finished products. 9) Full Website Redesign Coming