$BA Nasdaq states a Forward P/E of 355. That means their estimation algorithm is calculating with a 1Yr EPS of 373/355 = $1.05 which equals a 83% drop from todays $6.52. Even todays P/E of 57.29 is ridiculously high. Back in 2016-2018 when the company was still growing, P/E was roughly between 16 and 20. To state the obvious, the stock price has TRIPLED from $125 in 2016 to now $373, even though the issues of the MAX planes have come to attention between 2014 and 2016 within the company. There is nobody to blame but Boeing management itself, as all their issues are 100% homemade by increasing production speed, cutting production cost to an unsustainable level and chopping any quality control virtually down to zero.
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