$NIO this is gonna be a tough year for NIO. I'd love an opportunity to load some at low 3s or even high 2s. Either you believe in the company and buy, or don't believe and leave. It's that easy. But to all the braindead monkeys still crying "they don't even produce their cars": If NIO had spent the cash building a factory w/o any production exp. whatsoever, their build quality would probably be as shitty as TSLAs has been for almost 10 years, lol. Using an established partner, they started with top notch prod. quality & could concentrate their efforts not only on R&D but also on brand building. This is BY FAR the most talked about Chinese car company. Bigger players like BYD or Geely aren't even close. And brand value is going to be the most important factor for the next decades, simply b/c all cars will be using exactly the same EV & AI tech, as well as exterior design that is strongly converging due to robust trends in customer taste & due to optimizing the cars' drag coefficients.
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