$NAK Lol so Pebble haters are concerned that the process thus far has been "biased" or "in Pebble's favor". Any comment from these haters on how biased the process was prior to Trump's admin? Obama did not even allow Pebble to go through the legal process. Not even a fair chance. Were they worried that Pebble can be designed in a way to be mined safely? Who knows - but killing the project without fair due process seems pretty biased to me. If they were so confident Pebble cannot be mined safely they would have allowed it to go through the permitting process and then have the USACE confirm their own findings. Too bad their "unofficial" 3rd party study at the end of the day is not the official government record. I guess it is okay to be biased towards your own personal goals and preferences but its not when it goes against what you want. Hypocritical much?
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