$GNUS Our PT for GNUS e.o.d tomorrow is @ $3.40 reaching for $3.80 e.o.d if breach of $3.50 is achieved without catalyst. Larger institutional accumulation is over the next hill. Looking to hold and add @ anything under $4 into earnings. -Shorts have no business left here- Side note: anyone familiar with the IDOT investors discord knows the new wormwood analyst team is a legit collaboration by passionate full time traders. Those who doubt, simply follow and let the actions and earnings speak for themselves-- we're also aware on our initial post a mockup banner incidentally used misspelling "capital", apparently that inconsistency constitutes fraud? We somehow believe despite this error, we will be able to sleep just fine at night. Now, onto business. Alllllll aboooooard $IDEX $KTOV $CEMI $SHIP
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