$GNUS They say this won't ever be worth Netflix money, so what about half? Thats what? Still over $225 a share? What about half of half of netflix? Over $100+ a share? What about half-of-half-of-half of netflix, that still over $50... okay so maybe GNUS is only capable of half-of-half-of-half-of-half of Netflix.. thats over $25.... so you're telling me GNUS can be 93.75% wrong about their expected growth and my upside from here is still 733% ROI.... If you have half a brain you're in the stock not mamipulated by covid, the stock not damaged by trade deals, the stock that's product cost end users NOTHING, a stock with UNLIMITED scalability, a stock with world class industry leading executives, a stock with a healthy balance sheet, a stock that WORMW00D green lights and stands by 100% $IDEX $SHIP $KTOV $CEMI ‐---‐----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us for analysis, alerts, general matket topics, free!
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