@WaikikiGuy The warrants were bought out to prevent a massive dilution you see with the other spacs - every warrant gives you .25 a common stock and 1 dollar in cash. The terms were set prior to the earnings. Management must have been overtly confident in themselves and where the stock would be. I swapped out of the warrants and went completely into the stock. The stock drop I think is attributable to the Wedbush downgrade even though everyone has a strong buy on Shift. The November options also expire this week which I know many including myself added because it seemed like easy money... nothing is ever easy though. Vroom also crashed after its earnings, but those guys had a serious miss... yet they finally rebounded yesterday. I see the same with us. Shift is also presenting at the Wells Fargo summit (announced today) in order to talk to investors again. I’m still bullish because how can you not with these guys. 💪
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