$AMRS Melo just humbly apologized for their huge miss last Q. I give him huge props for that. Has said supply chain issues will last another 2-3 quarters. Says it won’t happen again. We’ll see but the fact that they publicly admitted their mistake is a key first step. For me, I’ll keep the shares I have for now but won’t buy anymore until I see next quarter numbers. Very glad to see they also understand that they need to make big operational upgrades to their ERP and other systems to manage their growth. These upgrades btw can easily take a year or longer to implement. Amyris remains a long term hold. Great entry point here for new investors as their capital structure is much simpler and less expensive. More dilution is coming but IF they can turn the corner next year, stop the bleeding and show they can hit EBITDA positive it will have been worth it. Interesting slide on their molecule strategy for the next 4 years. That needs to be discussed here.