$AUY The U.S. will soon become just one of the players in the new global order. The new order will not allow any countries exclusive standing & will remove & adjust debt via a new digital currency. Gold will no longer be of much value. All U.S. citizens should prepare for major lifestyle adjustments as the shift to total green energy begins. This will be very expensive for yrs. Did you know that in Germany the use of electricity from the power grid is considered a luxury only for the wealthy of which there are few? Gold will drop to under $100/ounce or less. If you are assuming that buying gold miners like this is a good investment you are going to lose what money you have left. All paper currency will be gone in 4 yrs. You will be under the control of the appointed leaders of the new global order. If you think this is a joke you are sadly mistaken. Dr William Shears has exclusive knowledge of this plan that will soon be implemented. There are only a few ways to save yourself.