$WKEY PART 6 - DD that leads me to believe I should go long on WKEY from here: WiseKey has zero debt This is not a risky company like a biotech that may lose approval or linger years without approval. Their products/services are ready and they don’t need debt to increase profitability. WISeKey’s CEO recently stated conservatively that continued growth in the Cybersecurity/IoT market is backed by a solid revenue pipeline of over $250 million for the next 4 years, growing at CAGR of 35%. Selling before the $40 range appears to be throwing away money.. There are hardly any shares in the float and it trades at an excessively low price based on its market position and compared to its peers. It is key that the CEO stated that the price of $8.00 was actually a “discriminatory” low price that was only due to new listing and low visibility, and he expected the SP to become rise soon and become commensurate to its peers
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