$AMC $GME $BB $TLRY 💎HOW TO CREATE A MARGIN CALL FOR A SHORT SQUEEZE 💎 -BUY AND HOLD 🤲💎 *That means NO limit orders or stop loss *This can easily reach 100k to 150k 🚀🌙you haven't missed anything everyone is averaging up and holding and continuing to buy on the way up! -DON'T BUY OTHER "SQUEEZE" STOCKS 🤮🤮🤮 *No other stock is going to run like AMC and GME *If you fall for this don't expect a margin call -DON'T LET FUD OR EMOTIONS BEAT YOU 😭🤩 *This takes time but not 30 years like a career *Down days are normal -20% is worth it for 10,000% or more when it squeezes *Bots and fake news stories are real get over it -THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFE TIME EVENT 💎🤌⬆️☝️🥇 *Due to the harsh new rules slowly going into effect it is safe to assume another short squeeze may never be possible again!,. -HERD MENTALITY 🦍🦍🦍 *We are facing one group hedgies we need in return to be one group before making a move ask yourself if it is what all apes would do.