$INO Food for thought...Read this first https://t.co/asMi7SldKD?amp=1 External Funding-DoD (Complete) Need Partner to Mass Produce (?) The DoD does not just plop down $71 million without proof that it works. INO shared data with the DoD using an NDA to prevent the information [Vaccine Trial Data] from going public. With that said, INO will need to publicly release that data very soon. How it may have played out... January 2020 INO starts Covid-19 vaccine development March 2020 they had something good. They approached the government with preliminary data and pricing for the vaccine and applicator June funding available to make a purchase but needed updated data. INO data given beginning of last week with an NDA. Government signed off on purchase. INO prepared news release over the weekend. INO approved news release on Monday. Tuesday news went out about government purchase. Coming soon (not in any order) 1 - Vaccine Data results 2 - Partnership for mass production on a global scale
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