$CCIV Why are we so sure this merger is going to happen? When/if the merger does go through are we expect the share price to sky rocket? I'm nervous, I hold 250 shares. My concerns are the following.. Lucid Motors hasn't sold a car. With that said I know they have a factory set and "ready" to go when they decide to go into mass production. But this still wont equate to what we are already valuing the company at. The current market cap on $CCIV is 13.6 Billion. Curious if the community feels its high or low. To me that is very high for a company who thus far has proved nothing. The Parabolic nature of a stock leads to a big pull back, granted $CCIV may still run up until the news, but for all of us small investors who want to take profits but still own, this will be a vey bumpy ride. How much do you keep/sell? Who on this forum actually feels comfortable loading up on $CCIV at 58-60 dollars? This may scare new buyers and create more sellers imo.