$KMPH Hey y'all, 716.8k in volume up 4.32% close and up more than 6% intraday. The chart is a thing of beauty. Only blemish on the chart is the RSI is heading into overbought territory but with volume, it's a mute subject. Again I state..any idea what happens here with 3m-4m in volume? BOOM... Either way intraday trading is not of my concern as all I am doing is adding on the red days. But today definitely felt good. See you tomorrow morning, God willing. 👨‍🎓🎯✌😊
@Rodzilla01 @DrPumpAdumpalis Rodzilla, Dr Pump (who I called a basher, but isn't) is big into the chart world. Engage him if you have a chance, please. His number isn't as large as yours, but he has several million setting on the sidelines that we need to give him a little guidance on what we have here, if you would be so kind. HE IS TALKING THE GOLDEN CROSS THING AND ALL, BUT I TOLD HIM THAT I AM STILL READING THE DIRECTIONS FOR MY FLIP PHONE! He talks your language!