$XSPA 💥💥💥💥people have PR expectations for this week especially after the filing on Friday . It’s a clear sign Doug knows the info he has will cause the SP to shoot up . 1) Passenger testing , rapid test , partnership . We know 100 percent passenger testing is coming by the second week of August at the LATEST . Gonna need much faster times for passenger test results so it will be interesting to see what tests we use and what healthcare company we partner with to help scale that 2)government funding - I personally believe the filing Friday is a safety net IF government funding fails . Obviously the stimulus bill has 25 billion for testing but it’s no where close to being finalized yet 3) Rollout - he said it himself , they have moved to the rollout stage . What does that mean ?? Just adding LGA and Newark for now OR have they already added Chicago, Atlanta and Miami as we know they have been in discussions with all three. What airports does he have that we DONT know about ??