$CDEV who’s selling for pennies? and why do they have to hold it down? Oh yeah, OPEX tomorrow. Keep this under $1 and they expire worthless. monday means over $1+
@Rodmar Dude! Why are you being such a whiny brat? You posted this bullshit ass passive aggressive reply to me (below)...then you deleted it!! Come on man we’re all in CDEV together. Grow a set of f*ckin balls and at least be cool about it when someone shares factual knowledge with you. Who gives a fuck if it hurts your feelings? F*ck your feeling!! I swear there’s too many sensitive ass genetically failed people out here man... what do you want an apology or something?? Put your skirt back down man. And grow a set of balls. You act like I’m one of the morons that only spew constant brain farts on ST. Rodmar, I forgot you even existed until you kept commenting to me the other day about “Biden 2024” or whatever the hell you were talking about. Well if you don’t want anyone picking at your idiot comments then don’t post anything idiotic. This is an open/public forum But the truth is, I don’t need make you look like an idiot Rodmar. You do that just fine on your own.😇