$CDEV $SM If you’re wondering why SM is getting all of the running power and heightened analyst upgrades while CDEV is still treading slowly, here’s one explanation: SM has already told us in Q3 call that they expect to see “double digit” production growth in 2021. Therefore, an analyst can even use the lowest possible double digit number (10%) as a plug figure into any model and simulate a dramatic rise in the stocks NAV and intrinsic value (market value them follows). Some have forecasted as high as 20% for SM! However, CDEV hasn’t given us forward looking production volume estimates yet for 2021👀. So analysts can only assume either flat production or use moderate numbers like 5% or 10%. This why we “Team CDEV” need to all listen carefully in next months annual meeting for every-single-word coming out of Sean Smith’s mouth. Because without that..all we have are oil prices and not enough information for most analysts confidently set a price target above $3. I hope this helps
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