$MMAT $MMATF $MMTLP $GME $AMC $TRCH OH, Hey. Melvin and Citadel, Thank you for taking so long to let this rocket launch that EVERYONE CAN STILL buy MMAT. If you’re stupid like me. Look at all my DD. Telling you folks. This is gunna blow up HUGE.
$MMAT $MMATF $MMTLP $GME $AMC - Dear Citadel - Melvin and fellow Short Sellers of $TRCH - I want to thank you and hope others re-share this letter. I am thanking you for short selling $TRCH , knocking me down 90k and jokingly grabbing more shares as we dipped. Then grabbed more on another broker and those are ITM. Now, you're not only trapped with $TRCH but you're paying me profit and my cash back on the other side. I say this as nicely as possible. Take your sweet time, because I will enjoy the ride. OH, by the way. Thank you for the dividend's over at $MMAT and the Gray market purchases. Meta family will keep the music playing. Go Beyond and kiss my ass.
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