$SPY $QQQ Just a reminder to the bullpigs that the chinese markets p/e is 10 and the US markets p/e is 35-40. china has higher growth and higher upside, US already passed its prime and it was propped up. This is a really easy game so long as youre not blinded by hate and racism. Evil racists always lose in the end, traders who let bias and emotions cloud their judgement end up margin called like the US fanatics trying to pump their market but are just bagholding. You think the banks are loyal to US? You think big money is loyal to a clown government like the US? no they are loyal to money, money talks. Alibaba is the most profitable and fundamentally strong company OF ALL HUMAN HISTORY, you arent going to beat it in terms of sheer power and ability. US stocks are at the top for now, at least if we get a big correction now you bullpigs wont suffer a real bear market next year, we might go back to ATH next year if some of the headwinds clear and the US gets its head out of its @$$
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