$SPY $QQQ $ARKK $AAPL Based on the dumb groundless comments im getting from the bullpigs and them just wanting to block anything bearish which is the equivalent of a child saying "nah nah nah i cant hear you nah nah nah" with their fingers in their ear....id say we are setting into the denial stage for bulls, panic should set in this trading week and then we can really get the dumping into high gear. I've changed my new targets, i said i would start covering a little bit at 400, im more confident now im not covering even a little bit until 390 and then 380 ill start covering more. We will 100% have opportunities to cover at 380. Mark this post and stay thirsty for blood bears, the blood god hasnt even started bringing the pain yet. The bulls will remember the blood god, next time they hear the words blood god they will remember this incoming dump and sell sell sell asap. Shorting more at market open monday, adding apple and arkk to my shorts not just qqq and spy