$SPY $QQQ $AAPL $ARKK Wanna know how all the pros knew 454 was a major top? Because its a major checkpoint on the Fib levels, one that anyone with half a brain knew we were not going to pass due to this current environment for the US and rate hikes incoming. A long time AWARD WINNING RECORD SETTING investor who is in my trading group who has been doing this longer than you all have been alive has predicted at LEAST 3 rate hikes through 2022 and the start of 2023. Bulls are legit screwed here. Party is over, music has stopped, shorting this pig and im not covering until we are at reasonable levels for a low growth enviroment with major headwinds. Smart money is long china at the bottom and short the US pig market. Go ahead and keep thinking it goes up forever, you can baghold like all the losers I told in 2000 that we were going down but didnt wanna listen. I made a killing there, i made a killing in 2008, i made a killing in the covid crash and the same here. See a pattern bulls?