$SPY $QQQ $AAPL $ARKK Oh you sweet summer bulls who just started trading during the covid training wheels market, let me introduce you new bagholders to the wheel of pain, your sentence will be served to the fullest while the blood gods bear zealots sacrifice the pigs who bought at the top and bought calls on the altar of pain. Cant wait to watch calls expire worthless like the momentum chasing pigs who bought them, the squealing of millions of pigs will be heard as they disappear into the flames and all that remains of them is their blood in the blood gods goblets. To the wheel of pain bagholders, the blood god will be amused watching you toil with heavy bags for months on end. You may yet survive however, let your sentence be a warning, and let the pigs about to go bankrupt serve as a warning as well. You pigs will learn to fear the blood god and will learn to run for the exit when he awakens next time.