$BNGO I know some of you guys get upset about "buyout speculation" but I just can't help myself here. In the case of Bionano I don't see why a buyer that's in the industry would need to wait to see how their numbers are before considering an offer. Companies like Illumina know what technology like this can be worth. Experts of an industry can gauge the worth of a new industry specific tool. Illumina is the prime candidate that will scoop this up imo. Illumina wants to be the giant and to continue to be a giant. They need this on their line and they need the minds that were able to create the Saphyr. If they created the Saphyr, what can this team do next? Valuable Saphyr + valuable team of minds = acquisition target. From what I know about Illumina it has been part of their business practice to buy the competition. I am not sure what the hold up is on their latest acquisition (announced last November) but I don't think it's due to a lack of funds.
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