$BNGO Ok, it's abundantly clear that Radbound data was NOT to be released until the conference at the end of the month, but someone got trigger happy on their Twitter page and the news spread quickly. Then tweets were deleted, but it was too late. So that forced the PR to happen Monday morning. Those saying that the Monday morning PR is proof there is no quiet period have not looked at the whole picture. We still very well could be in a quiet period. The CFO nor Board Director have been replaced yet. The stock price action completely sucks, but as you all know "great things happen when least expected". I too am pissed off about this stock as much as many others are, but I see no point in throwing in the towel just yet. And all this crap on the board about warrants keeping this down is a very poor assessment imo, who the hell would be exercising warrants right now? So let's put an end to that. That could be the case when the price has jumped up, but it's not going on right now.
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