$BCRX @WelshWhale , Et.Al For effective inhibition of CoVs, an NI needs to either evade recognition by ExoN or undergo uptake into the elongating strand at a rate exceeding ExoN excision kinetics. Will Gali exceed the rate of Exon excision kinetics …. ? 2.1.1 Efficacy of nucleotide and nucleoside analogue inhibitors (NIs) against CoVs. > the usual suspects are all there, Favipiravir-Ribavirin-Remdesivir (approved for covid) Galidesivir. pubs.rsc.org/en/content/art... potential repurposed drugs. All credit to @aet, she posted link last week nary a reply. Annie did you use invisible ink ? : )
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@bio99 @WelshWhale @theWeaslTwits @aet @Jacobi 2 important things to note of Gali as well. It has 2 double bonded ring structures and a 3rd ring which is for functional docking by my estimation. By this measure Gali is very hearty by comparison to most of the other NI's - its a resilent molecule. Its size, strength, and reduced interaction are all suggestive of easy cellular permeability. Even if ExoNs do achieve partial recode, the "knocked" Gali molecule itself may still be functional for round 2. I do think this will will work better than Remdesivir however pay attention to severe class patients. Those will probably require a cocktail of drugs, and Gali would be a good candidate due to its strong safety profile. Mid and low severity patients this could be the standard of care. Lets hope what we all are seeing is the resultant.
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