$NVAX EUA expected in 2-3 months per Brian Rosen at Novavax. (See the youtube link below.) So stop hoping for an approval any day now. The PPS will double or triple by the end of the first half of this year but not until NVAX is granted various EUA's. Hopefully for the sake of NVAX's investors the spread of the original strain of the virus will re-intensify in the Southern Hemisphere's quickly approaching winter season, the infections from the existing know variants will accelerate and intensify, and new much more serious and deadly variants will materialize and quickly spread worldwide. Novavax investors can only hope that the pandemic does not end for years from now and that, with a little luck, a completely new more deadly pandemic having nothing to do with Covid-19 will engulf the globe. So cheer up...things could always be worse. Now that everyone that reads this is outraged, let's see some genuine hateful reply comments. The most negative comment wins. youtube.com/watch?v=lz_SKI_...