$TRVN old notes: Total Addressable Market (TAM): This discussion is based on this Corporation Presentation dated Feb 10, 2020, According to page 13, "​Price: $60-$100/day range identified in market research with formulary stakeholders" According to page 16 of the presentation, Olinvo has an TAM of $1B-$1.5B. Breakdown: (9M patients translating to 15M patient days ... multiplied with a mean price of $80/day ... equals 15,000,000 patients days x $80/day = $1.2B off prescriptions Note: Trevena's chart on page 16 demonstrate that this could be "expand[ed] for peak share" from 9M patients to 45M patients. Although this could be a "pie in the sky" comment, what Trevena is inferring in their chart is that this could eventually ended up being 5x the number of patients, and hence 5x the patients days. As such, the TAM would be $5B-$7.5B
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