@WhidbeyIslandWA @Obox10 this stock is definitely manipulated for sure. I sat next to my friend who bought 40k shares after hours and it only jumped 2%. It’s being kept down. It either will jump big or barely at all. Hopefully it jumps big.
@mixen1990 @Obox10 I see that you follow quite a few biotechs? How you been investing in them for long? The reason I ask is because IMO their price action pre-PDUFA and pre-EUA seems very different that 2 or 3 years ago. Maybe I'm just imagining things. But, then again, maybe things have changed. Trading has gotten more volatile and I'm wonder if more and more ppl are using options, shorting, etc. For example, are there more "Trading Gurus" w/ more Follower, more YouTube, etc. all adding to the beta? I'm not really sure what to do w/ this thought 💁🏻‍♀️