$KCAC Hi Everyone! I'm new here and starting my dd. Hoping to gather enough funds to join in by late next week or the week after. Trying my hardest to do so asap. 1. Are there any ST ppl I should follow on this board? 2. I compare stocks w/ docoh.com/ but KCAC is so new that there is little info. Any tips on where I should start w/ dd beside reading everything I can find on Google? 3. I read this article, "investorplace.com/2020/11/b..." published on the 19th and it mentioned, "By the company’s [QuantumScape] own admission it will be 2025 before it will be commercially available. That leaves a lot of room for competition to increase." How have you all gotten comfortable w/ the fact that it will be, "a good four years before the company is expected to bring a battery to market", or is no one here planning on KCAC/SP as a long-term hold? Thanks for your time reading this and perhaps responding!