$TRVN I missed this great post and just came across it this evening!!! Perfect 👌 timing too after yesterday’s price action 🤨 Thank you for composing it @Baz28k 🙂🙏
$TRVN To all the newbies and those that are worried - Don't worry. I've been reading through some of the posts and it's evident some folk are needing reassurance. Forget the technicals, charts etc and focus on one thing.... You are holding a position in a company that has a drug that can change the dynamics of pain relief medication in a controlled environment. You are in early. Some of the longs have endured serious uncertainty over the past few years and they are here now, after FDA approval, knowing it'll be worth it in the future. This will not go up in a straight line, it will fluctuate and test you. No stock ever goes up in a straight line and stays there. Think of this stock as a bank account, just keep adding spare money and check back this time next year.... You will not be disappointed. If we weren't in the middle of COVID this stock would be flying. Patience will pay off.
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