$VXRT - Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen. I like to read the boards to blow off steam and I enjoy sharing my Due Diligence. However, I’m here with an Honest reminder. COVID-19 is real. It’s not a Conspiracy to remove a president. 190,000 Humans in the U.S.A. Have passed away and many more will in the near future. I’m from New York City. The Hospitals overflowed. My 49 year old Sister in Law, that plays sports 4 times a week and is in great shape, lost 30 pounds and still can’t smell or taste, 4 months later. If you’re Insane enough to believe that the world is in on a large conspiracy, then you need to see a psychologist. Wear a Mask and stay safe. This is a very real Virus that can infect anyone and cause lasting damage. Wake Up!!!!!!
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