$AMRS When the SP moves, in either direction, it’s always interesting to see who comes out of the woodwork. To summarize the purpose of Arzeda: Strings of enzymes (machines) constitute a biosynthetic pathway. If one enzyme is slow, this creates a bottleneck, and reduces yield. The way to alleviate the bottleneck is to improve the efficiency of the enzyme. You can do this randomly, which takes time, or you can do it in a targeted way. Arzeda is part of a larger enzyme-engineering platform within Amyris to evolve better enzymes, faster. Enzymes are large biomolecules, with complicated structures. It takes a sophisticated set of tools to understand and predict how changes may impact function (Arzeda specializes here). It’s a core part of why strain development has accelerated so dramatically. It’s not just about how fast your platform allows you to traverse the design-build-test cycle, it’s about improving the quality of each iteration so you reduce the number of total cycles, too.