$CYBL I've posted on this several times today, but after seeing what transpired across the OTC as a whole, I believe we may be on the cusp of a "correction" path now. CYBL has been in oversold territory for a while, but today crossed below 30 on the RSI. The last time it touched 30, while the MACD was in a downward slide was 08/30. The result was a few days of build up in accumulation before ultimately climbing to our highs of the year in .066. Not saying it's a definite for the next leg up and new highs, but the chart is aligning for us. Q4 we have Strategic IP with L3 Harris, Wolfspeed, and Boeing coming up in early '22. Drone/UAVS acquisition, SOLAR acquisition and SAAS acquisition, in addition to having upward guidance on '21 & 22 revenues! The catalysts are here for a major breakout and run. REGARDLESS, everything is aligning for this to be a BEAUTIFUL Mid-Cap stock for '22 and beyond. From what I've dug with @OG_Tigress, Q2 '22 will be absolutely nuts. Beyond Bullish.