$SHIP we run the streets $SHIP $1.00 tomorrow don’t sell for pennies. Let’s evaluate together: Baltic dry goods index up 633% ✅ Main commodity shipped by $SHIP Iron ore prices have greatly risen and are still rising ✅ China has an insatiable demand and insatiable appetite for iron ore ✅ New deal inked out with the supplier of Tesla ✅ Takeover of two companies using existing stock valued at $1.05 @ 22 million ✅ Locked out of offering any more stock for at least one month by the SEC ✅ Purchased more vessels to meet extremely high demand ✅ Low debt load ✅ Favorable coverage on seeking alpha ✅ Unfavorable coverage from Zach’s who gets it wrong every time ✅ Under valued and set to rise to $1.00 minimum ✅
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