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    Bax Will Joined Sep 02, 2010

    Discretionary futures 5 yrs 6E, ES, TF, NQ


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      Test Tube Trader
      I enjoy talking about markets and trading theories. I do not give buy and sell recommendations or financial advice. Opinions expressed are my own and can change at any time without notice. Trade at your own risk.
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      See It Market Official Account
      Research For Active Investors ~ smart, actionable market commentary. Over 50 professional contributors.
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      Mark Arbeter CMT Official Account
      Former Chief Technical Strategist for S&P. Former head of MTA Admissions Committee. Shortlisted in 2013 as one of the best technicians for an equity research co. For premium newsletter info, email
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      Bull/Bear ETFs + e-mini FUTs
      I day trade Trend Line breaks, Divergence, BZ Fibonacci, 2B Dragons and other easily recognizable chart patterns that continually repeat.
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      Steve W
      Forex trader, author of Specializing in simplified support and resistance tactics for the FX Market.
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      Discovery Trading Group
      A unique dojo run by a group of professional prop traders/quant developers providing mentorship to futures traders. Trading pure price & volume based on market structure & orderflow. Fully annotated chart examples daily for members
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      Joseph James
      Trader, Teacher & Leader. Specializing in intra-day moves on the Gold, Crude, Euro and E-Minis. I run a trade room that opens @ 8:00am EST each day M-F. 800.381.2084 Skype: SchoolOfTrade
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      The Industry Leader in Financial Education. Learn to trade Futures, Options and Understand Price Action from Real Traders in Real Time. Trial the #SharkRoom below and learn how we do it.
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      Trader Smarts
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      Michael Ramos
      EMINI VOLUME TRADING ROOM- Learn how to conquer the S&P 500 Futures market trading with Market Profile and Volume, conservatively and consistently. $ES_F, $SPY, $SPX Twitter@RamosTrader
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      Brian Aponte
      Futures/Forex Trader.Scalper,Day trader using pure price action.Looking for intraday profits.Position trades on Spot Forex.
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      Michael Mehrle Official Account
      EvilSpeculator is dedicated to identifying trends in the financial markets. To that end, we post market updates several times a week and engage in pertinent discussions. This is an open forum and everyone is invited to participate.
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      Haki Hika
      Posts are not investment advice, they are for entertainment/educational purposes only.
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      Trader Jax
      Pro Trader, Adventurer, Family man, Redneck Philosopher, Cracker Author, Hillbilly Teacher. Find me around America and the Futures, Stock, and Option Markets. Short term MinutemanTrader Everybody should be in the markets, and always Follow Your Bliss
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      Michael Lamothe Official Account
      Founder of, Co-Organizer of the NYC IBD Meetup Group, I follow the CANSLIM methodology. Take our FREE 7 day email course to improve your trading.
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      Swing Trader
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      Videos @ Posting Daily Stock Market Recap Videos email
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      retired hedge fund manager- professional trader- trading coach- I teach people how to day trade successfully.
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      I am an independent future's trader, learning more all the time. Being in cash at the end of every trading day, allows me to "SleepWell" and start fresh the next day.
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      Giuseppe Basile
      Check my bio here: